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Move In Information & Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Water/Sewer Billing: In all of our single family homes, the tenant is responsible for all utilities, incl. water/sewer (and in some cities, trash). Beginning 1/2017 - all cities will be on monthly billing cycles. The water/sewer bills remain in the owner’s name, we pay them directly, and then bill you accordingly (based on your move in date). Water and sewer utilities are due upon receipt / with your next months’ rent. Effective 3/1/2020 only full balance payments will be accepted.
  2. Rent Due Date/Collection Process: All rent payments (unless your lease states otherwise) are due on the 1st of the month. We give a 5 day grace period, and then the rent is considered late. The late fees vary from $35-75 (please check your lease for your late fee amount).
    1. On the 6th-13th of the month, collection emails OR text messages are sent out for anyone with an unpaid balance (utilities, rents, late fees, etc) - these are auto generated through our system.
    2. 3 day notices are printed automatically/are system generated and sent out by a field rep (for anyone that owes any portion of rent or has an account balance on their ledger) between the 6th-13th of the month.
    3. Evictions are filed on the 13th-16th of the month, depending on what day of the month it falls on. Once the eviction is filed, a $165 court reinstatement fee is assessed/added to your account and you have up to 7 days to pay your full rent balance and filing fee. After the 7th day, it changes to the full court cost recovery fee of $350. If you’re unable to come up with your full balance prior to court/first cause hearing; it is in your best interest to bring as much as you can to court with a plan (dates/amounts) to fulfill your full balance.

    NOTE: After the 9th of the month, our system does not allow e-payments, effective 6/2016, the system changed and it unfortunately doesn’t allow e-payments after the 9th of the month. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

    EFFECTIVE 7/1/19: There will be a payment processing fee of $10 applied/required for any money orders, checks, cashiers’ checks, or over the phone payments made. Please login and utilize your resident portal to avoid this fee. OUR OFFICE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT PARTIAL RENT PAYMENTS. RENT IS DUE IN FULL OR IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    EFFECTIVE 3/1/20: Our system will not accept any payments less than your full account balance (utilities, late fees, maintenance fees, bank/NSF fees, convenience fees, etc.).

  3. End of Lease Term/Lease Termination: All lease agreements roll automatically into month to month. We make every effort to send out lease renewal packets to the tenant’s approximately 30-60 days prior to the end of the lease term, but occasionally the system does not generate them. If you’re interested in renewing your lease and have not received anything via email (through Docusign); please feel free to email with any maintenance requests or for any payment, lease, or other/general inquiries. We also have a chat feature Monday-Friday 9AM to 4PM for customer service only Monday-Friday 9AM to 4PM on If you intend to move/give notice; please provide it in writing - a full 30 day notice (1st of the month - 1st of the month) to be eligible for deposit refund. We will mail, email or provide move out guidelines once notice is given.

** Please note that our office does not accept county assistance vouchers or PRC vouchers. **