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Rental Property Management: Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Cleveland, OH?

Rental Property Management: Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Cleveland, OH?

Cleveland is one of the largest rental markets in the United States. Not only is Cleveland a big city, but nearly 60% of occupied housing units have renters in them. In East Cleveland, this figure is closer to 70%.

This means property managers work double-time in Cleveland. They are constantly inspecting properties and scheduling home repairs.

Many people wonder how property managers pay for repairs. Read on to learn whether a rental property management company is responsible for repair costs. Explore how rental property maintenance happens and who bears responsibility for seeing it through to completion.

Who Is Responsible for Rental Property Repairs?

Landlord duties include a legal obligation to provide safe and habitable conditions for their tenants. This means landlords must provide heat, electricity, and running water. All appliances in the home must be functional.

When something breaks, the landlord needs to coordinate a timely repair. They do not need to repair the item but are legally required to ensure it gets done. Often, landlords delegate the rental property maintenance checklist to a property manager.

Many property managers have handyman experience and can inspect or fix certain items. For specialized items like the property's heating system, they may coordinate with a local HVAC technician. Property managers have robust networks of professional contractors to tap into.

Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Cleveland, OH?

Property managers do not pay out of their own pocket for repairs or maintenance. Instead, they manage an emergency fund that is set up by the landlord.

The landlord knows that both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance expenses come up during the course of a year. They take a portion of the rents that come in each month and put it aside in a specialized fund.

The property manager taps into this fund to pay for repairs. They have direct access to this fund so they can swipe a card or write a check for the payment.

How To Complete a Repair?

Preventative maintenance tasks can be scheduled ahead of time and coordinated with the tenant. This is for tasks like servicing the air conditioner or hot water heater.

Unexpected rental property repairs are handled differently. Here, the tenant notifies the landlord or property manager of a failure. This happens via an online maintenance form or written request.

A prompt response in accordance with Ohio state law is necessary. Typically, the property manager will visit the property and perform an inspection. Based on what they see, they will either complete the repair or contact a professional to do it for them.

Your Guide to Rental Property Management

You now have an understanding of how property managers pay for maintenance and repairs. The costs incurred do not come out of the property manager's pocket. Instead, they come from an emergency fund from the landlord.

Remax Haven Realty has a strong reputation for completing rental property maintenance and repairs. If you are looking for a rental property management company to handle your maintenance, contact us today to schedule an appointment.