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This Is How to Be a Good Landlord in Cleveland, Ohio

This Is How to Be a Good Landlord in Cleveland, Ohio

Over 44 million households in the United States are renters. Being a landlord is a great way to supplement your income. However, it's not without its challenges.

Learning how to be a good landlord can be stressful. Staying on top of your property and the ever-changing renter laws in your state is a full-time job. Becoming a good landlord is key to ensuring high-quality renters stay in your property for extended periods.

This guide will discuss the top landlord qualities you need when renting properties in Cleveland, Ohio. Keep your property in high demand by having a reputation for being a caring property owner.

Write a Welcome Note

A short welcome letter can make all the difference in setting a positive tone for your new tenant. You can use this as an opportunity to let them know how happy you are they'll be living in your unit. Remind them of what amenities your property has to offer as well.

You can also include the following information in the letter:

  • When recycling and trash get picked up
  • Contact information for local utility companies
  • The best way to reach you

Another one of our favorite landlord tips is to include a welcome basket for your new tenant. You don't have to go over the top with what you include.

Common household items, like toilet paper and toothpaste, are great things to include in a basket. These are things they might've forgotten to get for their new place.

Respond Quickly to Their Inquiries

One of the best types of landlords is a person who gets back to their tenants as fast as possible. You and your tenant can have a pleasant, yet professional relationship.

Treat any interaction with your tenants as if you were a client or customer. That includes getting back to their email or phone call right away. Let your tenants know that you'll be slow to respond if you're away on a trip.

Stay Calm

It's normal to feel frustrated in different scenarios, like if one of your tenants fails to pay their rent on time. You must stay professional and calm at all times.

Renters are also protected by laws that prohibit landlords from infringing on their rights. This also includes threatening them.

Go Over the Lease With Them

When your tenant comes over to sign the lease, sit down with them and read through it together. Talk to them about their responsibilities as a tenant and what rights they have. This ensures there are no surprises and illustrates that you're a person they can trust.

Learn How to Be a Good Landlord

Figuring out how to be a good landlord doesn't have to be too challenging. Think about the ways you'd want to be treated if you moved into a new rental. Adding a few personal touches to the way you interact with your tenants will keep them living at your property for many years.

At Remax Haven Realty, we understand that becoming a landlord can be a full-time job. That's where our property management team comes in. Contact us to learn more about our services in Cleveland.