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Turnkey Investing

Invest with NO active management required

Out of state? International? No problem with our streamlined process.

Targeting a property --> Negotiating terms -- > Closing/acquisition -- > Insurance, utilities, city registration -- > Rehab -- > Inspections -- > Tenant placement -- > Management

Cap rate 10-18%+, Cash on Cash return 15-40%+

Receive a video of the property before you close

Turnkey investing is simple. Pick from a rented/rehabbed property or build your own project and make even more. Either way, the Cleveland ROI group will handle the details. We are licensed Realtors and we partner with:

  1. Several contractors from a handyman to fully licensed general contractors
  2. Rehab and permanent financing lenders
  3. Our Property Management Division makes the transition from acquisition to management seemless
  4. An insurance agent, title company and attorney are all available
  5. Private, ASHI Certified, home inspector

*Recommended professionals are familiar with real estate investing but you may use your own contacts as well.

Our team handles the rest from acquisition to property management. You just receive the proceeds.

Benefits include:

  • Minimal time commitment
  • Enjoy discounts via pre-negotiated pricing
  • Seasoned professionals handle each aspect of your project