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Why invest in Cleveland, Ohio, USA?

Why invest in Cleveland, Ohio, USA?

Location, location, location.

The home of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is a city in transition between the vibrant past as an industrial power house into its promising future as a medical/bio-tech hub. A number of factors make Cleveland a great city in which to invest.

Greater Cleveland has a large, diverse workforce derived from a population of 1.5 million.

The Cleveland Clinic is a world renowned institution attracting patients worldwide.

A budding bio tech sector has developed over the last 15 years in association with The Clinic and several well respected universities in the area.

The city supports NBA, NFL and MLB sports franchises along with several minor league sports franchises – a claim few cities across the country can make.

The transition and national foreclosure issues have created unique investment opportunities to earn extraordinary returns on real estate investment.

Commercial properties are returning 9-12% and 1-4 family residential can be upwards of 10-20%.  Cleveland sits on one of the Great Lakes and is an easy drive to Chicago and New York – the hub of the Midwest.