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Why You NEED a Tenant Portal for Your Apartment Complex

Why You NEED a Tenant Portal for Your Apartment Complex

Does managing your properties take up too much of your time?

Managing multiple properties without the proper tools can get overwhelming. Tasks like screening tenants and maintaining each property consume a good amount of time.

But, a landlord can take off some of the pressure by using a tenant portal. Read on to learn about the benefits of a tenant portal.


When you own an apartment, tenants will call for several reasons. They may reach out to ask a question, file a neighbor complaint, or request a service.

Taking one call every now and again may not seem too bad. But, some tenants call more than others. Sometimes they like to extend the conversation beyond the initial issue.

Add together calls from each unit, and you could be looking at hours of unnecessary phone time throughout the week. Property management that includes an apartment tenant portal saves you time to focus on things that need your attention.


A tenant portal login offers convenience for both you and your tenants. It allows both you and tenants easy access to their rental accounts.

In one place, renters can:

  • Pay their rent online
  • Monitor payment history
  • Access paperwork, like lease agreements and other important files
  • Submit maintenance requests
  • File a complaint
  • Receive property notices

Everything becomes easy to resolve and eliminates the game of phone tag. It takes away much of the anxiety about confronting somebody with an issue on both ends.

Putting everything in one place also adds convenience to renters, so they do not lose important information. Everybody can access the portal via a computer, laptop, or smartphone, making it easy!

Competitive Edge

The millennial generation, aged 18-36, makes up a large portion of the renters' generation. According to research, this group prefers to do things virtually whenever possible.

Each year, more people born in this technological age will come of age to rent apartments. This means that you will probably see an increase in people who prefer the portal system over the old-school ways of tenant-landlord communication.

Give your renters what they want while you reap the benefits! This gives you a competitive edge over the competing properties in that area.


You could physically reach out to every resident to remind them of upcoming payments or scheduled maintenance. But, this creates a lot of hassle.

It also creates the risk of them not seeing it if they do not check their email or voicemail. Offering a portal system allows you to push through reminders that they can expect. This will help you receive your rent on time and help renters avoid late payment fees.

Set Up Yor Tenant Portal System

Do not continue to do things the old way when it takes up valuable time and energy. Set up your tenant portal system as soon as possible.

This may seem like a lot if you do not know how to create a tenant portal. Reach out to your property managers who are trained and skilled to put such tools in place. 

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