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What Is Full-Service Property Management?

What Is Full-Service Property Management?

Did you know that property owners spend, on average, 3-5 hours per month dealing with EACH property? Of course, it might not seem like a lot, if you only have one or two properties to deal with. But when you are dealing with dozens of properties, it might become a full-time job. 

If you aren't interested in spending all your free time dealing with fussy tenants, lease agreements, and maintenance issues, consider hiring full-service property management services. Read on to see what the benefits of a full-service property manager would be. 

No More Calls from Tenants in the Middle of the Night

What is a full-service property management service? Anything that you would do as a landlord would be taken care of by a full-service property manager. Nothing is left behind. 

That's why it's so beneficial to hire such a service. No longer do you have to deal with calls from distraught tenants who are without hot water or light or something else, in the middle of the night or your workday. 

Most landlords aren't doing property management as a full-time thing. Also, most property owners own rental properties to bring more passive income and FREEDOM into their lives. But alas, property management can sometimes feel like a shackle around your ankle. 

That's why hiring a full-service property manager can free you up from all those burdensome tasks and give you time to live your ideal location-independent life. You are no longer tied to the place where your properties sit. You can travel anywhere you wish happy in the knowledge that someone else is taking care of everything for you. 

Full-Service Property Management Takes Care of Leases and Maintenance

Another crucial benefit of full-service property management services is that they take care of everything from top to bottom. This means they will maintain a schedule of property maintenance so you don't have to worry about a roof being repaired on time, or if the lawn is mowed regularly. 

Also, they ensure that they lease out your properties to well-screened tenants if or when your properties become vacant. The whole point of this endeavor of real-estate investing is to make a profit on your investment. You want to make passive income from your properties, and a full-service property manager allows you to do that as easily as possible. 

A final point to keep in mind. A full-service property management company will customize its service to suit your needs. If you need any additional services, you can add those on, or remove bits and pieces that you don't need. That's true convenience!

Remove the Biggest Hassle of Real-Estate Investing

Real-estate investing is the panacea of financial freedom seekers, but it can soon become a noose around your neck, if not done right. A full-service property management company can help loosen that noose or get rid of it altogether. 

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