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What Needs To Be Included in a Good Tenant Letter?

What Needs To Be Included in a Good Tenant Letter?

Americans move house on average around twelve times in their life. As a part of the rental application, many of these include a referral or letter from a previous landlord. If you find yourself in the position of needing to write one of these, how do you know you are creating a good tenant letter?

Below, we summarize the information that you need to put in such a letter. As you create your letter, use this as a checklist to ensure that you are putting everything you need into your communication.

The Date

A landlord recommendation letter should always start with you referencing the date that you are writing the letter. This helps the receiver know if you are a recent landlord or someone from long in the past. A more recent landlord is more likely to be trusted than an old one, after all.

The Rental Address

The address that the renter leased should appear in the letter. This allows the new landlord to cross-reference all the facts that they are being told. Along with the date, this gives some context to the letter too.

The Lease Dates

The renting history of a new applicant is always very important. The new landlord should know that the renter has a history of successful leases. As such, your lease dates should match up with what the leaser understands them to be so that they can use your letter of proof of good relationships.

Positive Elements of the Lease

If you have had any positive experiences with the renter, include them. These include things such as consistency in their upkeep of the location or care for their community, include it. This can push the person over the edge if someone is unsure whether to accept their application or not.

Negative Elements of the Lease

You must pass on any major issues that you had with the tenant. Even if this means the new landlord never sees your tenant letter, it means that the renter has a realistic idea of your opinion. That way, they will not waste your time with future letters.

A Summary of the Tenant

You should summarize your experience with the tenant as a previous landlord. Give a good accounting of what it was like to engage with them and what you expect a new landlord will experience.

A Closing Paragraph and a Sign Off

Finally, a rental reference should end with a polite closing paragraph that asserts your position on the tenant. If you then sign it, it will be useful to the tenant in finding new rental locations moving forward.

Write a Good Tenant Letter

You should now have a better idea of what a good tenant letter looks like. Although still, writing these and handling your property can be a bit much. This is the reason why companies like ours exist in the Cleveland area.

If you need some help in running your properties, you can work with us to ensure that things go smoothly. Our specialists are ready to talk to you about what we can offer, so send us a message today to learn more about what you can expect from us.